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            Rosemary Holder; SRN, SCM, IHHT, SP.Dip.Arom, ITEC  


Rosemary Holder has been in the medical profession for her entire working life, first as a state registered nurse then as a community midwife. Her interest in complementary therapies began over 2 decades ago and she has spent nearly 20 years studying them. She says of the therapies that she practices, "a personal consultation is necessary so that the therapist is able to identify [with the client] any problems that would be amenable to treatment and choose the appropriate essential oils or other therapy". Detailed below are some of the essential oils that Rosemary blends together, along with some of the common complaints that may be alleviated in their use.



-Ocimum basilicum  Stress
Bergamont   Tension
-Citrus bergamia  Insomnia
Benzoin   Rheumatism
-Styrax benzoin  Back Ache
Clary sage   Sinusitis
-Salvia sclarea  Neck pain
Eucalyptus   Headaches
-Eucalyptus smithii  Arthritis
Frankincense   Pre Menstrual Tension
-Boswelliacarterii  Menopause
Geranium   Poor circulation
-Pelargonium graveolens  Cellulite
Lavender   Indigestion
-Lavendula angusifolia  Catarrh
Marjoram   Irritable Bowel Syndrome
-Origanum marjoram  Eczema
Petitgrain   Bronchitis
-Citrus aurantium  Stiffness
Roman chamomile   Frozen Shoulder
-Anthemis nobilus  Multiple Sclerosis
Rosemary   Myalgic Encephalitis
-Rosemarinus officinalis 

 For legal reasons, no claim is made that any therapeutic  benefits may be obtained from these oils - they are listed purely as an indication as to which oils may be used.